Terms and Conditions


Your booking is accepted subject to the following terms and conditions and by confirming your booking you accept that these terms and conditions apply.


Quotations are valid for a period of 14 days from the date supplied. All prices quoted are current at the time of quotation and subject to availability at time of booking. All quoted prices include GST.


Charter bookings must be received in via email. Confirmation of booking will be sent via email.


Amendments to booking will be considered only and subject to, time taken, legal driving hours, deviation from route, knowledge of the area by driver and the driver’s / Fallons Bus Group agreement.  

Additional charges may be incurred in the instance that the interior of any vehicle has been left in an unsatisfactory manner. This is also applicable to any damage by passengers to either the interior or exterior of the vehicle.

Fallons Bug Group reserve the right to charge additional hours and/or km’s, if your booking does not run to schedule. This includes any extra charges where you choose to extend the duration of your booking.


Payment can be made by Direct Bank Transfer, Mastercard or Visa. Customers using Credit Cards, note and accept the following service fees. These fees are effective July 2022 and are inclusive of GST.

               Mastercard    2% charge

               Visa                 2% charge

A Tax invoice will be raised and sent at the end of the month after the service has been provided.  


Additional charges will be incurred for all cancellations as follows:

Bookings cancelled prior to 5pm the day before travel no cancellation fee.

Bookings cancelled after 5pm the day before travel: 50% cancellation fee.

Bookings cancelled on the day of travel: up to 100% of the value of the booking.

Fallons Bus Group may cancel the booking due to an event/s or circumstances outside of our control. All bookings will be reimbursed; however, any losses will be incurred by you.


This includes, but is not limited to our right to:

  1. Smoking is not permitted by law on any vehicle.
  2. Refusal to travel if person/passenger is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  3. Food and beverages are not to be consumed on any vehicle without prior approval.
  4. Vehicle damage charges will be levied by a supplier in respect of any damage caused to a vehicle as a direct result of this booking. Not including damages caused by a Fallons Bus Group employee.
  5. Obey road speed restrictions and stop to render assistance to others when judged in the public interest for safety or rescue.
  6. Report to authorities any person acting in a manner that endangers others, this could include our stopping a hire program or may result in its cancellation.
  7. Unruly behaviour will not be tolerated, at the driver discretion they are able to stop the vehicle and disembark those passengers engaging in unacceptable or unruly behaviour.
  8. Render first aid in the best interest of passengers and take such measures deemed necessary to enlist assistance in an emergency from any available services. Costs of such emergency service provision rest with the passenger/s.
  9. Refuse to carry dangerous, flammable, or illegal items/goods on any part of a passenger/ person or the vehicle.
  10. Maintain legal driving hours and driver rest periods in line with current regulations.
  11. Luggage lost or damaged will be the responsibility of the passenger, not Fallons Bus Group, all items carried are at the owner’s risk. If deemed excessive the driver may refuse luggage storage in the vehicle cabin or storage areas.

By placing the booking with the Fallons Bus Group, you acknowledge that you have read and are fully aware of our Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them.


Hire and Drive

  1. VEHICLE CONDITION            

The Hirer/Authorised driver has been shown over the vehicle prior to hire and any existing damage has been digitally noted.


The hirer and/or authorised driver agree to pay the first $2,000 (insurance excess) for any damage caused during the hire period for damage which cannot be attributed to the insurance of a secondary party. Unless vehicle insurance charge of $26 is applied to booking, in which case excess will reduce to $750.

  1. FUEL                          

The hire cost stated includes fuel used during the hire period.

  1. AUTHORISED DRIVER           

The authorised driver is totally responsible and in complete charge of the vehicle until it is returned to the hiring address. The authorised driver must not consume any alcohol during the hire period and is required by law to return a breath analysis reading of 0.00 while in charge of the vehicle.